APIC comes with tens of awesome features that help you throughout your API development lifecycle starting from Designing, Developing till Testing.


Version : 3.2.1 28 Aug 2023

  • You can now define additional properties (^x-properties) in traits and import them in endpoints
  • Added support to copy/move saved requests or folders by dragging them into another folder
  • Varios bug fixes

Version : 3.2.0 6 Aug 2023

  • Extention manifest v3

Version : 3.1.2 6 Apr 2023

  • Added support for defining additional properties under endpoints (eg: x-amazon-apigateway-integration). Github issue #60
  • Added option to generate client and server side code from the API specification

Version : 3.1.1 29 Nov 2022

  • Added support for defining multiple request or response schema based on content type as supported by OAS3 spec
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version : 3.1.0 14 Oct 2022

  • Added support to import/export OAS3 specs
  • Added support for defining response examples in designer
  • Added support to search and sort items in designer screen
  • Updated docs to support OAS3 spec
  • Introducing apic-agent for bypassing CORS limitations
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version : 3.0.2 7 Sep 2021

  • Added option mark an endpoint deprecated #14
  • Added a new theme: midnight
  • Other UI styling improvements

Version : 3.0.1 1 Sep 2021

Version : 3.0.0 26 Aug 2021

  • A complete re-write of APIC in angular 10 for better performance and stability.
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Added APIC Web Agent

Version : 2.3.13 24 July 2020

Version : 2.3.12 13 July 2020

  • Remember last selected environment.
  • Added support for checking a property is a valid date or not in test scripts
    apic.test('$response.data.createdAt should be a(n) date', function(){
  • Added Ace editor while importing project.
  • Support for additional properties in schema desigber [git-9]
  • Added option to enable/disable, copy & paste individual query params, headers & form data
  • Bug fixes

Version : 2.3.10 16 Jun 2020

  • Improved way to add saved or blank requests to suites
  • Bug fixes

Version : 2.3.7 21 Apr 2020

Version : 2.3.6 2 Feb 2020

  • Bug fixes

Version : 2.3.5 29 Jan 2020

  • Added support for testing Server Sent Events (SSE) under websockets testing tab.
  • Added support for environment variables for all Websocket types (WS, Socker.io, STOMP, SSE)
  • You can now expand an $ref inline in the designer section and also build tests directly from the designer section
  • Various other improvements

Version : 2.3.3 19 Nov 2019

  • Added suport for writing tests with chai.js. Learn more about it here.
  • Websockets testing has been redesigned from ground up. Along with the previously supported Websockets & STOMP you can now test Socket.io with APIC's Websocketing testing tool.
  • Added support for named responses in Traits section of API designer.
  • Added support for #/responses/xxxx in te schema designer
  • Added suport for expanding an $ref inline in the schema designer
  • Fixed a major issue with API simulator
  • A new improved look for both the app and our website

Version : 2.3.2 29 Sep 2019

  • Added support for GraphQL
  • Minor bug fixes

Version : 2.3.0

  • Build tests directly from response with the new test builder - Learn more
  • Added support for $request to access request parameters in tests
  • Enhanced request edit inside suit
  • Ctrl/Cmd click to copy env variables
  • Show errors if test execution fails due to script error
  • Performance fix for save history items
  • Bug fix: Header values were not shown properly if header value contains :
  • Bug fix: Environment variables not showing up if starting with $

Version : 2.2.19

  • APIC now remembers your last used workspace between Designer and Tester
  • Improvements to Test Suits page.
  • More improvements to dark theme
  • Bug fix: Some test reports were not being downloaded
  • Bug fix: Duplicate headers being sent with request

Version : 2.2.18

  • Added a DARK theme. Go to settings to start using it.

Version : 2.2.17

  • An unified environment selector(added on the header of the app) for testing your APIs

Version : 2.2.16

  • You can now run test suits in loop
  • Added option to enable/disable individual requests in a suit
  • You can now see the response for each request while running a test suit
  • Added option to download json schema in schema builder
  • Added support to Run 1000 requests in loop
  • Bug fixes & performance improvement

Version : 2.2.11

  • Added Option to use & update global In-memory environment variable during run
  • Minor bug fixes

Version : 2.2.10

  • Performance improvement

Version : 2.2.9

  • Export/Import API Projects and OAS/Swagger as YAML
  • Now you can add/update/delete In-memory/Generated environment variables in the Environments section
  • Multiple bug fixes related to environment variable sync

Version : 2.2.7

  • Added an awesome Test builder in Response section
  • While testing an API the Response section automatically scrolls into view.
  • You can now collapse Request/Response panels while running a request. Just click on the Request/Response title.
  • Request tab now remembers your selected tab in Request & Response panel while opening a new tab
  • Docs Module - Group endpoints by tag name or URL pattern while viewing a generated docs
  • Minor bug fixes & design changes

Version : 2.2.6

  • A more convinient way to view/manage environment variables
  • Added option to format code for payload body
  • Added option to resize code editors; eg: scripts-editor, payload editor etc
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version : 2.2.2

  • Now APIC can send restricted Chrome Headers in a request
  • Added option to send Bearer Token authentication
  • Fixed a bug where request tab chenges were saved temporarily.
  • Added option to duplicate endpoints, models and traits in an API project.
  • Major UI redesign.
  • Bug fix: #3, #4 & #5

Version : 2.2.0

  • Added API Simulator
  • Added option to request for new feature
  • Added option to build tests cases with an intutive UI
  • Bug fix: History keeping duplicate entries.
  • Bug fix: Issue with sending file as form-data.

Version : 2.1.1

  • Account management
  • Bug fix: #1
  • Major performance improvement

Version : 2.1.0

  • Login/Registration
  • Added Team Management
  • Sharing among teams

Version : 2.0.1

  • Added support for websocket testing

Version : 2.0.0

  • Initial public release