Creating Test Suits

Once you have saved few requests with few test cases, you can create test suits, add requests to them and run them one by one in just one click.

To create a test suit first you need to create a Project. To do that switch to the Tests tab in the left panel and click on the + icon. Fill in the project name and click ok. Once you have created the project, you can add test suits in it. To do that hover over the Project name in the left panel and click on the menu icon (3 dots). Now you can add new suits by clicking on Add Test Suit and filling in the suit name or clicking on import to import an already exported suit from a file.

Adding requests to suit

You can add a request to a suit from the Saved pane by clicking on the menu icon beside a saved request and selecting Add to Test Suit and selecting the suit to which you want to add it. Alternatively you can select a request by clicking on the menu item beside a test suit and selecting Add Request.

Running a Test Suit

You can open a test suit by clicking on the Green run button or selecting Open Suit option from the action menu beside it. This will open the test suit in a new tab with options to Run, Edit & Reorder requests.

You can edit a request (edit url, query params, headers, data etc) by clicking on the request name. To change the order of requests click on the sort icon present on the top right and drag to reorder. Once done click on the save icon when done.

Running the Suit

Once your test suit is ready, select the environment you want to use and click on the Run button. This will run your requests one after another and once its finished you can see the run result and test cases in the results panel. If you have used log() in your script then you an see them in the Run Logs panel in the right.

Export Test report

Want to share the run result with others? click on the Download button in the Run Results panel. This will download an HTML file the you can open with any browser to see the run result.

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